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Flowable Eclipse Designer 5.22.0 release

November 1, 2016 | Release | 1 comment

Today we released the first Flowable Eclipse Designer version (5.22.0). This is a fork of the Activiti Eclipse Designer with support for Eclipse Mars and Neon versions, and with a number of smaller fixes and features.

The code can be found on Github

The update site can be found of The zip file of the update site can also be downloaded from

Please let us know if you encounter bugs or if you are looking for specific features on the forum, and by creating issues on the Github issues page The developers of the Flowable project are keen to help you answering your questions and helping out with possible issues.


  1. Michal September 27, 2018


    I have a question regarding Flowable Designer in Eclipse. Are you going to support this way of creating processes? Or you recommend using WEB version? And do you know if Activiti supports Eclipse version (and if their is newer)?
    My target is to add some custom elements to designer (pre-created elements, like user tasks with some logic in it). I am checking which way of adding those elements and using them is the best (Eclipse or WEB Designers)

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