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The road to Spring Boot 2.0

April 11, 2018 | General, Spring | 4 comments

Author: Filip Hrisafov The road to Spring Boot 2.0 and our overhauled starters began during our hackathon in Valencia. Together with Spring core committers, we have provided auto-configuration support from the very first release of Spring Boot. The first commit for the initial support was actually done on 31st of May 2014 (just 2 months after the first … Read more

Flowable 6.3.0 release

April 4, 2018 | Release | 3 comments

Author: Tijs Rademakers Flowable 6.3.0 has turned out to be a big release with many new features (and even more fixes). Many thanks to all the community contributors that participated in the release and a special shout-out to Pascal Schumacher, Zach Visagie, Robert Hafner, Christophe Deneux and Seif El Deen Khaled Where to get it: … Read more