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Process debugger

May 30, 2018 | General | 2 comments

Author: Martin Grofčík The flowable 6.3.1 release brings a lot of new features. One that can attract the attention of modelers is the experimental process debugger. To make your first steps with the process debugger, you need to enable process debugging by setting the property flowable.experimental.debugger.enabled to true (e.g by JVM option -Dflowable.experimental.debugger.enabled=true in flowable-task application) and start … Read more

Flowable 6.3.1 release

May 22, 2018 | General | No comment

Author: Tijs Rademakers Where to get it: Download link: Maven (or other): update your dependencies to version 6.3.1 The source code can be found on Github:   Highlights Introduction of an app engine, so apps are now a first class citizen and the process engine is not misused any more to handle app deployments. When … Read more