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Building your own Flowable Spring Boot Application

December 19, 2018 | How To, Spring | No comment

During our last community event (FlowFest 2018 hosted by Dow Jones), I gave a demo on how to build your own Flowable Spring Boot Application from scratch. You can find the video here and the code for this blog post can be found here. In this blog post we’re going to cover how we can create … Read more

Running Flowable on Cloud Foundry

June 11, 2018 | How To | No comment

Author: Valentin Zickner Introduction Flowable can be deployed in many ways (embedded in an application, microservice or other architecture; standalone as a REST server, etc.) and on many types of environments. One of the core design decisions of Flowable is that we take no opinion on how and where to run it, as we don’t … Read more