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DMN – The Power of Rules – Part 1

January 7, 2020 | General | No comment

Author: Jan Ohlhoff Let’s talk about DMN. No, I’m not talking about the Dallas Morning News, I’m talking about Decision Model & Notation, which is published by the OMG, the Object Management Group. They also publish other exciting notations like the Business Process Model & Notation (BPMN) and the Case Management Model & Notation (CMMN). … Read more

Wrapping up a year of Flowable goodies

December 19, 2019 | General | No comment

2019 has been another of those years where we’ve taken huge steps forward in various aspects of Flowable, both in open source and commercially.  It’s been a hard year from the sheer volume of work the team have taken on, though that doesn’t seem to have diminished everyone’s desire to keep pushing the technology forward. … Read more

Digital evolution of open source Business Process Management

October 22, 2019 | General | No comment

Joram Barrez and Paul Holmes-Higgin What we’re not going to do is suggest that software evolves like biology through random mutations, although we have seen some shockingly random code in our time [pause for someone to point at some of ours].  What we are going to suggest is that the combination of open source and … Read more

FlowFest’19 the Flowable Community Event

September 2, 2019 | General | No comment

This year we’ll be holding our community event near Heidelberg in Germany, kindly hosted by SAP at their HQ in Walldorf. And, same as last year, there’s no fee to attend but we do need people to register ahead of time. So, why would you want to come? Well, it’s your chance to meet a … Read more

Tutorial: Migration of a BPMN process

August 7, 2019 | General, How To | No comment

Author: Simon Amport Overview In this blog post we’ll look at how to migrate a BPMN process instance with Flowable. Problem Let’s assume you have a running application in production and everything works fine. After a few months in production your customer would like to have some changes within the process models. Because the changes … Read more

Flowable 6.4.2 release

July 11, 2019 | General | No comment

The 6.4.2 release is mainly a bug fix release. The next release path will be towards Flowable 6.5.0 where we will be adding new features like history cleanup and improved JMS messaging support. Where to get it: Download link: (or other): update your dependencies to version 6.4.2The source code can be found on Github: Highlights … Read more

Getting Started with Flowable and CockroachDB

July 11, 2019 | How To | No comment

In Flowable 6.4.2, support for CockroachDB was added. We’ve sat together with the engineers from Cockroach Labs (the company behind CockroachDB) to make sure we’ve got the details right and to exchange feedback both ways. After all, CockroachDB (called CRDB in next paragraphs) is not a ‘regular database’. According to it’s Github page, it’s a … Read more

The Flowable Engine as a Serverless Function: Part II

February 26, 2019 | General, Spring, webinar | No comment

Flowable core developers Filip Hrisafov and Joram Barrez continue the Flowable + serverless journey by looking at other technologies that make a serverless “process as a function” possible. In part 1, they discussed what serverless is, its challenges with regards to the Flowable engines and demonstrated implementations using Flowable with Spring Cloud (including running it … Read more

The Flowable Engine as a Serverless Function

January 29, 2019 | General, Spring, webinar | No comment

There’s a lot being written and talked about serverless these days. Whether from the infrastructural or from the software architectural point of view, at minimum it’s worth thinking about this way of deploying and writing software. Calling out to a serverless function from a process or case is one thing, but it gets really interesting … Read more

Flowable 6.4.1 release

January 14, 2019 | General | No comment

The 6.4.1 release has become a bit bigger then we initially were planning. A lot of improvements and new features have been added to the CMMN engine, but also the BPMN engine has some interesting new features as well. The next release path will be towards Flowable 6.5.0 where we will be updating to the … Read more

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